Here are our openings:

Infants: FULL

One-Year-Olds: FULL

Two-Year-Olds: FULL

Three-Year-Olds: FULL

Four-Year-Olds (Pre-K): FULL


After school (K - 5th Grade): FULL  (we pick up at Waccamaw Elementary and Conway Elementary) 

Summer Camp 2023 (K - 5th Grade): FULL

TO REGISTeR YOUR CHILD or set up a tour: CALL 843-248-6485.

Please also check our information page for all forms.  

we also have a WAITING LIST for others interested  

You must fill out the waiting list application to be placed on the list.
Click here to download the waiting list application.
The waiting list expires at the end of December. If you are still on the waiting list in December, you will need to reapply in February.

Call the director Dana or the assistant director Beckie at 843-248-6485 for more information.