Lovell Weekday Ministry is also known as the Lovell Bumblebees!
The bumblebee is our center's mascot! We want to instill in your child(ren) important core values that will help them become successful throughout their lives. We have five core values that we teach your child(ren) throughout their entire time here. These five core values will help your child(ren) learn how to be the best version of themselves, learn how to be nice to others and have a closer relationship with Jesus. We incorporate these five values in everything we do here at Lovell.
Our five values are:
1. Be Honest: We will teach your child(ren) the importance of telling the truth and being honest with themselves and others.
2. Be Brave: We will encourage your child(ren) to take challenges head on and not to be afraid to try something new and/or different.
3. Be Kind: It is important to show kindness to others and be sympathetic to other’s feelings and emotions.
4. Be Responsible: Taking responsibility allows your child(ren) to learn the value of humility and to be flexible enough in their thinking to change their approach whenever necessary.
5. Believe: A life centered around Jesus brings stability and strength. Awareness of and dependence on Jesus helps them remember that life is bigger than themselves.

We hope that you are as excited as we are to enhance your child’s love for learning, others and Jesus!