Do For One is an outreach campaign for the month of December. Each Sunday of the month we will focus on one non-profit, one school, and one public service branch to show God's love to in a tangible way.

Our 2020 Partners

GIVE - December 8th

The mission of Fostering Hope is "to provide basic necessities for children in crisis situations." They are fulfilling their mission with excellence, and we are excited partner with them.

We are so thankful to everyone who contributed to this effort on December 8th. In addition to all of the toys and clothes you donated to Fostering Hope, we raised $7,179! That is enough money for them to buy 71 beds, or 178 jackets, or 178 pairs of shoes or 792 packs of socks! Keep seeking God to see how he may use you to display his glory in our community!

Learn more about this great organization here.

SERVE - December 15th 

We are partnering with Conway Elementary School to serve the students, faculty, and staff. Beginning in January 2020 FBC members will start a regular rotation of reading to students and joining them for lunch to be a positive role model. We'll finish the school year in May with a luncheon for the school staff. Contact the office to find out how you can get involved.

LOVE - December 22 

Our city is protected by some of the finest, so we want to show them appreciation and love in Jesus' name. We have various events and other plans for the 2020 calendar year to serve the police department, so contact the office to find out how you can get involved.